The latest version is 10.9.

TeleForm turns your existing forms into computer-readable ones, eliminating the need for manual transcription and processing. It automatically captures, classifies and extracts information from paper and electronic documents using powerful recognition technologies, creating accurate process-ready content in real-time.

TeleForm will streamline document-driven business processes and delivers significant and rapid return on investment.

Available as a single PC workstation version or as a site-wide server-based installation, Teleform can be priced to your organization's needs.

Support For:
Windows 7 Support Windows 8 Support

HP TeleForm. Innovating since 1991.

  • Customers typically experience 60-80% in savings by reducing the need for manual transcription and automating the management of paper processing.
  • TeleForm intelligently segregates forms and evaluates the forms automatically leaving a clear audit trail so you can be sure the data is accurate.
  • Accuracy settings can be tweaked to your processes needs, TeleForm can read hand-print, machine print, optical mark, barcodes and even signatures from paper forms and documents.
  • When encountering ineligible handwriting, TeleForm has an easy to use verification program that allows an administrator to make a final decision rather than guess when an accurate interpretation is impossible.
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