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The FDA promotes eSource for clinical studies,      citing these benefits1:
  • "Eliminate unnecessary duplication of data"
  • "Reduce the possibility for transcription errors"
  • "Facilitate remote monitoring of data and the real-time
       access for data review"
  • "Facilitate the collection of accurate and complete data"
1. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration (September 2013). Guidance for Industry: Electronic Source Data in Clinical Investigations

NEForm is a high performance mobile solution for eSource data capture at point-of-care.

Since 2006, NESS has been providing clients with mobile solutions. Our products were developed for clinical trials, where security, usability, and adaptability are of the utmost importance.

NEForm supports study eSource data capture and ePRO all on one platform. Using our technology, we can convert complex protocols into user-friendly formats.

Our design system allows us to mimic existing forms, making integration with existing systems quick and painless. Despite our agile development cycle, we don't sacrifice data security or reliability.

  • ePRO

    • Collect PROs on-site or from patients' personal mobile devices with our fast and secure app deployment and authentication.
    • Intuitive and user-friendly data entry interface.
    • Simple synchronization process for data upload and download
    • Data collected within the app is protected with highest security
    • All user interactions are recorded with a timestamp
  • eCRFs

    • No reliance on internet connection to operate: virtually no delays on page turns and app responses within a CRF
    • Records audit trails with real-time validation and edit checks
    • Supports role-based permissions
    • Users can create and resolve queries within the app
    • Monitor real-time subject enrollment and adverse event data from report website
    • Eliminates the need for double data entry

  • eForms

    • Greatly reduce data entry errors, incomplete forms, and inconsistent data
    • Collected data is uploaded immediately, accessible from a remote location with an internet connection
    • Eliminates manual data entry and the associated delays
    • Fully customizable forms, with easy deployment
    • Capture pictures, audio, GPS locations, and drawings using the device's native controls
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