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NESS has over 8 years of experience providing clients with eSource mobile data capture solutions. Our products were developed for clinical, medical and dental markets where security, compliance to industry standards, usability and adaptability are of the utmost importance. Using our innovative, technology, we can convert complex protocols into user-friendly formats. Our design system allows us to mimic existing paper forms or create electronic forms that are optimized for various mobile devices. The flexibility and underlining design of our architecture makes integration with existing systems quick and painless.

NESS's highly optimized, proprietary technology allows our experienced team to build complex clinical studies in days and weeks not months! With our intuitive study building interface, our trained staff, at the touch of a few radial buttons, can configure and deploy your study to work online or offline on Apple® IPad, Android® and Windows® Tablets. Phablets, Smartphones and on Windows® PCs. Despite our agile development cycle, we don't sacrifice data security or reliability. Where paper is required or preferred, we are experts with Cardiff TeleForms® and other machine readable paper technology.

Our experienced team cross train in building protocols, project management, client training, cutomer support, deployment and other areas to make sure we have a staff that is well rounded and available to meet our client’s needs. We operate in a collegiate environment where we treat ever project like it is our only project and every customer like they are our only customer. At NESS, we strive to bring projects to completion under budget and over delivered.

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