Choose a data management system to fit your needs


NESS can implement a secure data management system commesurate with your study protocol, or link-up to an external database.

  • NESS can design, document, and implement a secure data collection and management system compatible with your study protocol
  • All NESS Systems are fully tested and validated prior to implementation
  • All systems are designed with an understanding of your IRB, HIPAA, and regulatory requirements
  • Automatic porting of data collected in relational databases to flat files with value lists defined in proper syntax for your analysis tools
  • Choose to store and backup personal identifier variables separate from other study variables
  • High security systems

Accessing Data is Easy

Utilize NEForm's website portal to download real-time datasets and run custom reports to get questions answered fast.

Data Access

Datasets on Demand

  • Remotely access and download datasets of the most up-to-date data available on the server
  • Export data to a wide variety of formats including Excel, Microsoft Access, SAS, and SPSS
  • Data is routinely archived to allow users to see periodic snapshots
  • User permissions enforce strict control of individual user access to data

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Ad hoc Reports

  • Create custom reports to quickly answer specific questions about the data
  • NEForm's Website Portal has an easy to use report builder so a user can quickly drill into the data they need
  • Reports can compare multiple fields across forms and across visits
  • Perform functions such as the mean or sum of a field
  • Filter records by setting qualifiers on a field or fields
  • Reports can be saved and run again at a later time with the most up-to-date data
  • Report outputs can be viewed on the web and/or exported

Remote Monitor Sites with NEForm WebPortal


Use real-time data to monitor all aspects of your operation. With audit trails you can analyze quality and performance metrics of your users and protocols using tools built into the NEForm WebApp.

  • Assigned users have access to monitoring tools and data on the web
  • Review user metrics such as time spent per question, per form, or per visit
  • Monitor subject enrollment across multiple sites
  • Monitor protocol compliance of sites and users by checking that required forms and/or visits are completed and on time
  • Monitor adverse events in real-time
  • Monitor current statuses of data queries and track query resolution
  • Identify common queries to find areas of potential improvement in forms and workflow


The NEForm Data Query System

eSource systems drastically reduce the number of queries throughout a study. But when they do happen, monitors need to be able to resolve them fast and easy. NEForm makes the data query process simple with its in-app query module.

  • Real-time data makes it possible for monitors to create a query on just submitted data, which could improve accuracy of resolved queries
  • Query creation requires a sign off
  • Create and send queries and receive and resolve queries all from the NEForm app
  • Resolving a query requires a sign off and explanation for changing a field or defending a field value
  • User permissions are required to both create a query and to resolve a query
  • Audit trail is kept at each step of the query process
  • Augmented data does not update the database until the resolved query is accepted by the sender
  • All previous values of a queried field can be viewed from its form on the mobile device


Security is a Top Priority

NESS will design, document and implement a secure data collection and management system commensurate with your IRB, HIPAA, and regulatory requirements.
All NESS Systems are fully tested and validated prior to implementation.

    • User Login Authentication
    • Data stored on secure servers
    • Data encrypted on device
    • Remote device data swipe capabilities
    • Encrypted data transfers
    • HIPAA Compliant

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